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Standard execution with a new type of pressure spring carrier with sensitive yarn tension control. In connection with it a slightly conical, single-flange-bobbin is applied. This is of considerable advantage in those cases where all bobbins of a head are replaced simultaneously when the first runs empty. Remnant yarn can be easily stripped off. On request also flanged bobbins can be applied.


Carrier track


Is designed in accordance with the latest experiences so that an operational speed up to 500 rpm can be reached (=1000 picks/min in case of a 2-braided article).


Saftey stopping device


If a thread breaks or a bobbin is running empty as well as in case of slight overload of the machine, it will be stopped automatically by a special stopping device.


Take off


Reliable delivery of braid by a 3-roller take off covered with PU-sleeves. The braid density is

adjusted by means of change gears.


Take up


Normally by means of a traverse-equipment onto double flanged bobbins (200 flange diameter and 200 mm total length). Preadjustable meter-counter is also provided.



High-Speed Braiders


For suture threads, fishing-lines harness-cords, specialized sewing material and similar applications

Main reasons for success of this special braiding machine for manufacturing of fine and finest braids of high quality standard are:

  • high operational speed of 500 rpm

  • lowest possible tension

  • sensitive yarn tension control

  • low production costs owing to an optimum price / efficiency -ratio

  • reliable operation / minimum maintenance




Units of four heads, each having its individual drive. Normally two units are assembled onto one frame.

  • Model FMT / 8 (56 mm pitch) for square cords with 8 carriers per head

  • Model FMT / 12 (50 mm pitch) for round cords with 12 carriers per head

  • Model FMT / 16 (50 mm pitch) for round cords with 16 carriers per head

Each head is equipped with a core thread feeding device, having a thread tension control system as well as a stop motion for yarn breakage or empty running core thread bobbins.


Carried System


The carriers are carried by horn gears, double mounted on ball-bearings. The upper plate, made of a special material, serves as guiding track for the spindle feet and supports therefore the spindle additionally against centrifugal forces. Moreover, the gearing is protected by this upper plate against contamination.